Webcasts & Webinars

The perfect solution to avoid losing the knowledge

The word webcast refers to video transmission over the Internet and webinar refers to the concept of combining video with synchronized slides. Both technologies are very useful for online conferences and seminars. Webinars can play a presentation with a very high level of realism and introduces major advantages over the direct.

By participating in a congress, seminar or master class, we would often go back and listen to a particular session, record one presentation so you can attend a parallel session, listen attentively to a certain speech, or simply transmit relevant information to other people and avoid scheduling problems.

With this service, Maia Media transports knowledge one step further than a live congress. All of the information you need from conferences and sessions are delivered to your place of work, avoiding photocopied summaries that lose important aspects of the real event such as intonation, facial expressions and the sensation of realism that helps us focus on the information we need. This together with direct access to the information you are most interested in, helps you take maximum advantage of the time you are investing.

Furthermore, Maia Media’s webcasts/webinars can be multi-language, by incorporating a literal transcription of the event or dubbing in different languages. This, together with a search engine that provides users with direct access to the information they need most, minimizes the chances of missing important information due to language barriers or time constraints.