Converting information into knowledge pills

Multimedia technology helps to conceptualize ideas. From textual information and visual content, Maia Media works with contents to help make more clear and easy to understand some concepts, thanks to the inclusion of animations and video.

Thus, we get a small form of knowledge that can be reused as many times as needed and combined with other modules that allow you to create customized learning paths for each person.

For companies, it means a way of forming their personal with quantifiable benefits:

  • Save time (no travel required)
  • Economic savings by allowing reuse of content and materials
  • Ability to track the progress of participants
  • Multimedia materials for a better understanding
  • Self assessment systems
  • The e-learning facilitates the introduction of staff in the use of new technologies and gives an image company’s innovative.

    In addition, Maia Media provides the technology support you need: from the platform to the creation of educational content (in CD-ROM, Webcast or Webinar format).