Internet consulting

What is your image online?

Maia Media has consultants certified by ACC1Ó that allow you to get the funding for the plan 2Bdigital Internet as a tool for international marketing. More information

Today’s Internet presence of our company is no longer limited solely to have their own domain and website. Technology changes, also uses the Internet, changes are continuous and there are many factors to consider to enjoy a good position in the network. Today more than ever, it is important to have a consistent and ongoing communication strategy over time. The on-line communication allows bring the same level different types of companies, which gives great opportunities to companies that use creativity, imagination and know how to exploit the knowledge of the different tools we have available.

Let’s start with your site

Maya Media will develop and maintain your website.
Website your business is your image in the virtual world. It is important that follow the same communication strategy you used in other channels. You can not forget the message you want to give, to whom it is addressed, the objectives pursued, as analitzaràs if you get the desired objectives. It should be borne in mind many things, not just design and technology.

We place your company at the Web 2.0

Internet is no longer one-way and thanks to the evolution of this to the so-called Web 2.0 and social web, information sources come from many different points.
For this reason, it is important to plan a strategy considering not only what we say about our company, but managing what others say about us.
What channels of communication with our users use? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Zeniting etc..? What is the most suitable for each case? We need a blog? We must respond to the criticism received by the company?

We make your site accessible from mobile phones

Internet access is not exclusive of computers with large screens. Today access from mobile devices is becoming more widespread, so we must think about how our knowledge tohom accessible from anywhere, anytime.
Maia Media adapting websites for mobile devices and applications made for iPhone, Blackberry and Android handsets operating in.

We position your site for search engines

Search engines were constantly crawling the web and decide what content is most relevant. The mechanisms for this important decision are complex and can not intervene at all, but we can improve our positioning in mind some aspects from the very beginning of development so that our website is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) .

We help you to obtain data for analysis and monitoring of your site

When making any investment, we want to return it. Therefore, it is important to know what happens once we start our project: how many visits we have? increase or decrease depending on the actions we perform? which contained most interested in?

Introduction of methods for promoting and advertising your website

To strengthen our visibility on search engines there are tools like Google Adwords pay. This allows us to highlight our website when a user performs a search using a keyword that we have seen previously that defines us. Only pay if the user clicks on the link through to our website and we limit our budget on online advertising.